About Himera (Biljana S.)

Himera (Biljana S.)

Hi! I'm fairly new to the world of photography and I'm definitely an amateur. I got into photography when my sister bought her first camera - I got inspired and very quickly it became my absolute favorite hobby. It made me realize how a hectic pace of an every day life can make us not notice all the beautiful things around us. Photography awakens our senses and makes us notice and appreciate the beauty of our surrounding and nature. An eye of a photographer (even if it's just an amateur like moi) sees what others don't. Well, to be perfectly honest.. I always wanted to paint... unfortunately due to lack of talent I was never able to transfer my colorful ideas on a paper... Luckily, my camera does that for me now- it draws my thoughts and feelings. I especially love black and white photography, it is graceful and timeless.

I'm looking forward to seeing all your inspiring photos that give me a glimpse of the world through your eyes. :)

Photography Equipment

- Canon EOS 450D with EF 18-55 IS
- Adobe Photoshop CS2
- my mind, eyes and hands